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Being a nurse is a noble profession, although this profession is a tiring and stressful job for others to see, it is still somewhat rewarding to know that nurses help in saving lives. Also, nurses can’t avoid making mistakes during their shift, but a nurse attorney is a great help, to begin with.

In 2018, an ER nurse in Richardson risked her own life trying to save a police officer. To honor her bravery, they presented a national award for nursing care. Here is an amazing story covered by the


The widow of a fallen Richardson police officer helped present a national award for nursing care to an emergency room nurse who tried to save the officer’s life. Nicole Sherrard surprised registered nurse Kim Adams during a monthly nurses meeting at Medical City Plano Wednesday morning.

Adams burst into tears as soon as Sherrard walked in during the presentation for The DAISY Award.

“It will forever affect me. I think about him every day,” Adams told reporters. “I have a picture of him in my locker, a picture of him hangs on the wall in the ER.”

Adams was on duty the night Richardson police officer David Sherrard was shot when he confronted an armed gunman in February. Adams started an IV, noticed Sherrard’s wedding ring, and began to pray.

Adams, herself, is the wife of a police officer in Allen. She said she knew a family was about to get the worst news of their lives.

“Right before my eyes, she didn’t know yet but her — our — worst nightmare was coming true,” Adams said. “Right in front of me, I was watching it.”

“I didn’t know where she was, who she was, but I was praying for her to be surrounded by peace and strength because I knew what she was about to find out,” Adams said.

The night Sherrard died, Michelle Hooks, director of emergency services at the hospital, said Adams stayed three hours past her shift to make sure everyone was OK.

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During this time of fear and stress, practicing nurses have worked long shifts. The physical and mental exhaustion, lack of knowledge, and in many cases, lack of skills to care for patients can lead to disciplinary action.

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