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I have to say that Attorney Yong An is highly recommended for many reasons. There are so much to love about his professionalism. What I admire about his services is that he kept me informed all throughout the process of my case. He did not keep me in the shadows. Instead, he never failed to update me about the updates before the Texas Board of Nursing. Because of this, I felt more secure about myself as well as my employment. Second, his professional fees are completely affordable. During the period of our professional engagement, Yong An was not remiss in his duties. He was always available for a call. At first, I thought that it is going to be a big problem to have a lawyer. However, Mr. Yong An proved otherwise. He is such an amazing person! I am forever thankful for everything he did.

Attorney Yong An is very helpful and compassionate. He was able to give me a great legal advice about my case before the Nursing Board. What I love about him is that he was able to sense the urgency of the situation. He was prompt in returning all my calls and in giving me tips on how to handle the legal processes. He even wrote a letter in my behalf for the Texas BON. I tried paying him but he did not accept it because he wanted to finish the case first. Talking with him was such a relief. You’re the best Mr. Yong!

I used the Internet to look for the right lawyer to handle my case. Fortunately, I found the blog of Mr. Yong. I discovered that he is a specialty lawyer when it comes to cases before the Texas Board of Nursing. What I love about him is that he was very responsive to all my inquiries. He explained the process to me, and he was able to do it in such a way that I can understand the legal jargon. I never felt that he was always in a hurry during our calls. He gives attention to his clients, that is why I like him as my lawyer. Yong An is the perfect attorney to call if you have problems with Texas BON.

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