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Whenever someone filed a complaint against you involving negligence at work, your license could be put in danger if not defended by a nurse attorney. An RN from Houston, Texas is just one of the many examples of nurses who were found to be negligent while on duty. 

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Registered at a hospital facility in Allen, Texas for five (5) years and eight (8) months.

On or about March 18, 2018, while employed as a Registered Nurse, the RN misappropriated an Apple watch belonging to a patient’s family member. The RN returned the watch the following day after being confronted by the patient’s family member. The RN’s conduct was deceptive and was likely to defraud the patient’s family members of the cost of the watch.

In response, the RN states this is an unfortunate misunderstanding, an accident, and not intentional misappropriation. The RN states, unfortunately, in his rush to complete the care of the patients in his care, finish rounds, and give reports, he forgot to turn in the watch. The RN states he left the watch on the counter overnight and his nephew, without his knowledge, played with the watch and reset it. The RN further states as he was scheduled to work the following morning at 7 am, his plan was to immediately turn in the watch, which he did.

As a result, the Texas Board of Nursing placed her RN license in disciplinary action. It’s too bad that she failed to hire a nurse attorney for assistance, knowing that she had every reason to defend herself in the first place. Her defense would have gotten better if she actually sought legal consultation from a Texas nurse attorney as well.

So if you’re facing a complaint from the Board, it’s best to seek legal advice first. Texas Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is willing to assist every nurse in need of immediate help for nurse licensing cases. To contact him, please dial (832)-428-5679 for a confidential consultation or for more inquiries.