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An RN and LVN need a nurse lawyer to help them protect their licenses when they unintentionally commit mistakes or violations. Committing a violation can result in license suspension and revocation. The Board has jurisdiction over this matter. That is why you need a nurse lawyer if you are facing accusations and complaints.

On or about November 20, 2018, while employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Pasadena, Texas, the RN has failed to take the precautions to secure Fentanyl belonging to the facility and patients thereof, in that the RN withdrew Fentanyl from the medication dispensing machine and left it unsecured for approximately one and a half hours at which point it was noticed to be missing. The RN’s conduct could have exposed the facility and patients thereof to the cost of the medications.

In response to the incident, RN states the vial went missing from a procedural storage bin after being pulled from Pyxis, in preparation for a procedure. The RN relates she noticed the medication missing during the procedure and, after retracing her steps, notified her supervisor, who subsequently told the RN to pull another vial. The RN understands that maintaining security and inventory accountability of controlled substances and all other medications in her possession is her responsibility. The RN states she has learned to carefully double-check her charting and make appropriate and timely entries and will use available resources if ever presented with similar circumstances again.

As a result, the RN was disciplined. Given that the Board has jurisdiction over the RN’s case. If only the RN had a nurse lawyer for the defense, he would not be disciplined and sanctioned by the Board.

Having a nurse lawyer to defend you in your case, can yield a different outcome of the case. So, if ever you have questions about the Texas Board of Nursing disciplinary process? Contact The Law Office of RN License Attorney Yong J. An for a confidential consultation by calling or texting 24/7 at (832) 428-5679 and ask for attorney Yong.