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Sleeping during your shift can cause a lot of trouble in the hospital, especially without a nurse attorney to help you defend against the complaint. This is what exactly happened to an RN in Fort Worth who failed to hire a nurse attorney when she started dozing off.

The incident happened on or about July 7, 2016, when the patient fell asleep during her shift at a hospital in Fort Worth. She was actually found by a resident and other people present near her in the hospital. The said action could have delayed the treatments needed for some patients, resulting in further injury and adverse effects.

Her drowsiness during her shift can also affect the way she performs at work. She might not become capable of noticing signs and symptoms from the patient. The patients she is taking care of might get in potential danger due to her state of mind at the time.

The Texas Board of Nursing then advised her to attend a hearing. However, she was not able to properly defend herself against the case due to a lack of nurse attorney. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing subjected her to disciplinary action instead.

The Texas Board of Nursing has the jurisdiction for all cases that may affect a nurse’s license from possible suspension, disciplinary action, or revocation. Scenarios like these are exactly why you need a nurse attorney for assistance.

If you’ve been summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing for a hearing session regarding a case filed against you, it is your right to hire an experienced nurse attorney for assistance. You may schedule a confidential consultation with Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him 24/7 at (832)-428-5679.