You may get your career secured through the means of a nurse attorney who can fully assist you when handling nurse-related cases. The Texas Board of Nursing may be quite strict in handling incidents regarding drug screening, but that does not mean that they are unforgiving. The help of a proper nurse attorney may save your career from possible suspension or revocation due to a positive drug screening result.

But not all nurses can manage to hire a nurse attorney for assistance. An LVN suffered suspension from her career when she underwent a drug screening process on November 2011. The drug screening was a random sampling that was conducted at the premises of the hospital. The LVN was tested for his urine sample, and it turns out that he was actually positive for the use of propoxyphene – a type of controlled substance.

The Texas Board of Nursing took immediate notice of the matter because they make sure that all nurses should be “clean” of controlled substances to ensure a perfect performance at work. After all, nurses are always advised to be disciplined at all times because they need to properly take care of a serious matter: the health of their patients. That means an unhealthy nurse may lead to an even unhealthier patient.

As a result of the drug screening, the LVN’s nurse license was placed on suspension. The LVN also failed to attend the hearing due to a lack of nurse attorney for further assistance. This is exactly why hiring a proper nurse attorney is extremely important so then you can get your career secured further through their assistance when attending a hearing before the Texas Board of Nursing.

The Texas Board of Nursing is quite strict when handling matters related to nurse licenses as a nurse should excel at their work. Gladly, great professionals such as Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is fully prepared and committed to assisting you. You just have to dial (832) 428-5679 to get your case evaluated first.