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The nurse attorney in Texas can provide a good line of defense for your case if you accidentally provided the wrong dosage to a patient. Incorrect medication may cause problems over the health condition of your patient. But this doesn’t mean that your license should be sanctioned if you never intended to do the wrong thing.

The incident happened on or about August 21, 2015, when the LVN at Fort Worth, Texas incorrectly applied the medication over her patient. There was no incorrect dosage provided, but the LVN administered the medication more than one hour beyond the ordered administration schedule set by the physician.

The delay in treatment might have placed the patient in unnecessary harm, particularly due to missing out the right treatment needed for their condition. Additionally, the patient might suffer from adverse effects in the future for failing to administer the medication on time, as certain medicines need to be correctly administered according to a certain schedule or time interval.

The LVN was given a chance to defend against her case before the Board. She stated that she actually administered to 4 patients before the time of administration was provided to the patient-in-question. She stated that the medication for the 4 patients was finished by 6:30 pm, which is 30 minutes before the scheduled medication to the patient-in-question.

The Texas Board of Nursing then placed her into disciplinary action to ensure that she will be able to provide timely assistance over the patient. The reason why this happened was that the Board had evidence that they acquired from the hospital where the LVN was working. This is exactly why hiring a good nurse attorney is much recommended.

If you’re undergoing a case before the Texas Board of Nursing, and you have a good explanation to provide, perhaps Nurse Attorney Yong J. An can provide some help. He is a well-versed nurse attorney for over 14 years and has successfully defended for numerous nurses over his tenure. To reach him out for consultation and further inquiries, you may contact him at (832)-428-5679.