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Nurses facing any cases they never committed should hire a nurse attorney to strengthen their defense. Professional help can provide a better form of defense against the Texas Board of Nursing as an RN or LVN faces an accusation of any criminal charge they wish to deny. This is just one of the many cases the LVN from Houston should have known had she only hired a nurse attorney to help her.

The incident occurred on or about December 11, 2012, to an LVN in Houston. According to the accusations, on or about the said date, the LVN failed to take precautions to prevent the misappropriation of a vial and syringe in that the Director of Nursing noted a syringe in the LVN’s pocket. The LVN removed a vial and syringe from her pocket and placed it on the Director of Nursing’s desk. Respondent’s conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients thereof of the cost of the medications.

On or about October 11, 2017, the LVN allegedly engaged in the intemperate and/or unlawful use of Hydromorphone in that she admitted to injecting herself with Hydromorphone. Unlawful possession of Hydromorphone is prohibited by Chapter 481 (Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health & Safety Code. The use of Hydromorphone by a nurse, while subject to call or duty, could impair the nurse’s ability to recognize subtle signs, symptoms, or changes in a patient’s condition, and could impair the nurse’s ability to make rational, accurate, and appropriate assessments, judgments, and decisions regarding patient care, thereby placing a patient in potential danger.

The LVN was given the chance to defend against her case and present herself to the Board. However, despite her explanation, the Board of Nursing placed her under disciplinary action but without any suspension whatsoever. Hiring the right nurse attorney for this case would be of great help, knowing that she denied the accusations.

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