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LVN License nurse was subjected by the Texas Board of Nursing for a disciplinary proceeding. Disciplinary proceedings are provided by the Board to ensure better future performance for any RN or LVN undergoing a case. These disciplinary proceedings can be settled with the right nurse attorney.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases that may affect an RN or LVN license. Should these scenarios occur, it is best to contact a nurse attorney to ensure that the RN or LVN will be properly defended throughout the hearing with the Board.

On or about April 15, 2017, an LVN at Fort Worth, failed to administer proper medication on five (5) patients. The resulting misconduct was likely to injure the patients and may cause them to experience adverse effects during the long term. The failure to administer medication to the patients as per physician’s orders could have resulted in non-efficacious treatments of the patients as well.

The LVN had the chance to defend against the case before the Board. She stated that after receiving a report from an off-going nurse, she began the first rounds of medication. However, the list is apparently inaccurate and she needed to add more patients to the said list.

She also added that she fell behind due to lack of assistance from other nurses and assistants while doing her best to safely administer the medication. She also stated that after medicating one of the patients, she was informed by the DON to go home due to several errors she committed.

Lastly, she stated that she counted the medications administered by the nurse who took off before her. She admitted that she did not notify the physician of the missed medications because she intended to stay up to the second shift to catch up with the treatments. However, she was advised to leave and ultimately followed the instruction to clock out.

The Board of Nursing then decided to subject the LVN license to disciplinary action after the hearing. The sentence given to her could have been reduced by the right nurse attorney.

If you ever encounter such cases during your tenure as a nurse, it’s best to contact an experienced attorney to make adjustments to disciplinary proceeding sentenced to you. You may contact Attorney Yong J. An for more details by contacting (832)-428-5679 for confidential consultation.