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As frontline health care professionals, nurses are the true heroes who risk everything to care for patients. However, some hospitals mistreated and failed to truly appreciate what our brave nurses do for the sake of the patients. That’s why there is a nurse attorney who will help you if this kind of mistreatment happens to you.

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Robert J. Straka filed a lawsuit against the Dallas-based health system in 2016 under the Fair Labor Standards Act. He sought collective action, claiming that about 4,500 nurses who worked at four Methodist Health facilities were subject to the same payment policy.

Judge Jane Boyle of the Northern District of Texas Court agreed. On Tuesday, she signed an order stating that collective action is entitled, and requiring the health system to provide to the court by the end of the month the names and contact for all other nurses who might have been affected.

Straka’s lawsuit called into question a long-standing policy that he said failed to properly compensate non-exempt nurses for work performed.

The lawsuit noted the hospital’s policy that requires nurses remain responsible for patient care their entire shift. Lunch breaks could be frequently interrupted as a result. But 30 minutes of lunch pay is routinely docked from the nurses’ paychecks — even when those meal breaks could not be completed in full, court documents stated.

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During this time of fear and stress, practicing nurses have worked long shifts. The physical and mental exhaustion, lack of knowledge, and in many cases, lack of skills to care for patients can lead to disciplinary action. But if you are facing disciplinary proceedings, a nurse attorney might help you go through with it.

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