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The practice of the nursing profession can become challenging and demanding all at the same time. An RN in Texas needs to follow several rules and regulations to prevent suspension or revocation of her RN license. In the past, several cases were filed against different nurses for misconduct and gross negligence which may have put their RN license in danger. Therefore, nurses need a Texas nurse attorney to defend their case.

At the time of the incident, he was employed as an RN at a hospital in Plano, Texas, and had been in that position for eight (8) months.

On or about August 15, 2020, while employed as an RN at a hospital in Plano, Texas, RN responded to a Code Blue for a resident, but failed to intervene for the resident after he discovered that rescue breaths were not being provided. Instead, RN allowed the other nurses to continue with chest compressions and left the non-rebreather mask on the resident. The resident was subsequently pronounced deceased by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. RN’s conduct may have contributed to the resident’s demise.

In response, RN states he was restocking the medication cart in the medication room and did not hear the Code being called. RN states he heard people talking through the walls so when he was done restocking, he went to where the voices were coming from. RN states he walked into CPR already in progress and was only standing at the door for 1-2 minutes. RN states when EMS arrived, he was asked for transfer paperwork, so he went to get the paperwork and brought it to EMS personnel.

The above actions constitute grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b)(10)&(13), Texas Occupations Code, and is a violation of 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.11(1)(A),(1)(B),(1)(M)&(2) and 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.12(1)(A), (1)(B)&(4).

However, without enough evidence to prove he’s not guilty, the RN lost the case. This is the reason why the Texas Board of Nursing placed his RN license under disciplinary action. 

Do not be stressed or anxious if you find yourself in a similar situation as that of the RN mentioned above. All you need to do is to find the right RN/LVN license attorney who can help you in the case. Equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise you need for a successful outcome by consulting a knowledgeable and experienced Texas RN/LVN license attorney. Texas Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney for various licensing cases for the past 16 years and represented over 300 nurses before the Texas BON. Contact the Law Office of Yong J. An 24/7 through text or call at (832) 428-5679.