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When facing any charges especially when it is about a criminal offense, it is best to seek help from a nurse attorney. A nurse attorney is someone who represents RNs and LVNs in court. They are also the ones who react and make decisions quickly in demanding conditions.

It was on or about August 11, 2017, an LVN from El Paso, Texas had committed an offense and had difficulty dealing with such a case. Then on or about October 26, 2017, the LVN entered a plea of Guilty and was convicted of POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, a State Jail Felony offense that the LVN committed on August 11, 2017. As a result of the conviction, the LVN was sentenced to confinement in a County Jail for a period of forty-five (45) days under 12:44(a) Texas PC; and ordered to pay court costs.

In response, the LVN states she pled guilty to the charges on October 26, 2017. In August 2017, she had been driving all night and was so tired that she pulled over at a rest stop. She does not know how long she was sleeping when two State Troopers did a welfare check. When they finally woke her, she was naturally disoriented. They asked to check her car, and she said yes. They found a small container which had an old pill and it had some dust in it. They disregarded the pill and stated the dust was a controlled substance. She told them to test it but they refused, saying they would not have any evidence left if they did. She was arrested and received a court-appointed attorney. She believes she did not stand a chance to get a fair trial, especially when the judge told her that she would be better off pleading guilty. She has not practiced nursing since about December 2016. She would like to keep her nursing license that she worked so hard for.

The Texas Board of Nursing gave the LVN the chance to defend herself. However, she was not able to provide a good defense for herself, especially when the evidence was brought up to her. Therefore, the Board placed her LVN license to a disciplinary action instead.

If you are summoned to appear before a licensing board regarding a disciplinary incident, you will need an experienced nurse attorney who knows how to handle nurse cases.

Attorney Yong J. An is a Texas nurse license defines lawyer that has a proven track record. He has over 16 years of experience handling Texas BON disciplinary action cases and has helped protect the license of numerous nurses in Texas. For a confidential consultation, call or text him at (832) 428-5679.