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When you’re facing the loss of your nurse license, securing the representation of an experienced Fort Worth nurse license attorney may be your first step to protect yourself from serious repercussions.

This is what an LVN in Fort Worth should have done when faced with allegations regarding her nursing practice.

At the time of the initial incident, the LVN was employed in a medical facility in Houston and had been in this position for one year and eleven months.

On or about September 27, 2006, the LVN administered Haldol 5mg to a patient instead of Haldol Img as ordered by the physician. In addition,the LVN documented that he administered Haldon Img.

The LVN’s conduct exposed the patient unnecessarily to a risk of harm in that the administration of Haldol in excess of the physician’s order could result in the patient suffering from adverse reactions including hypotension, tachycardia, and seizures.

The Texas Board of Nursing summoned the LVN to hear her side of the story. However, her lack of an experienced Fort Worth nurse license attorney to help her defend her case resulted in serious discipline and suspension from the Board. If you’re facing the same scenario as with the LVN mentioned, consulting with a Fort Worth nurse license attorney is your best chance of protection.

The assistance of a Fort Worth nurse license attorney could have helped the case become better for the LVN. So if you ever encounter such an issue, it’s best to contact Fort Worth Nurse License Attorney Yong J. An at (832) 428-5679 for a confidential consultation.