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In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the real heroes are our brave nurses. However, they are aware that if they are not thorough while doing their job, they may face the possibility of being called to come in on a day off to correct charting, or face the fear that if they miss something, they could face disciplinary action.

In Austin, hospitals prepare for the surge of Covid-19 patients in the upcoming weeks. That includes, according to the Governor, canceling elective surgeries to help clear bed capacity.

Because of this, furloughs and layoffs happen in many cities such as Dallas and Houston. In Austin, one nurse says she is still grateful for her job despite the other cities don’t pay as well.

Here is the story by Fox 61.

Anywhere from 40% to 50% – we’ve done that intentionally to increase bed capacity, so that has a huge financial impact on the healthcare system as a whole,” she said. “Our ambulatory surgical centers, which primarily do outpatient surgeries, are where we see a lot of the furloughs and layoffs taking place because they’re not doing surgeries, which is their primary source of income.”

Bumpus said those furloughs and layoffs are happening in Dallas and Houston, not Austin.

And for nurses caring for COVID-19 patients, Bumpus said the emotional toll is draining.

“It’s devastating to take care of patients who we can’t allow family members in, where nurses are their family and their caregivers at the same time,” Bumpus said.

Read the full story here.

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