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Stress among healthcare professionals is rising as COVID-19 cases surge and more healthcare workers contract the virus, a Texas nurse told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Fort Worth, Texas-based John Peter Smith Hospital treated 93 COVID-19 patients on July 4, its highest daily number of patients since the pandemic began, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. As of July 2, more than 64 employees were out sick with the virus, said hospital spokesperson Diana Brodeur. Around June 18, the hospital experienced a spike in sick employees, with more than 115 employees testing positive for COVID-19 to date.

A nurse, who spoke to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram under the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation, said healthcare workers are concerned about getting sick and how subsequent lower staff levels will affect patient care.

Nurses at JSP are often the only people a COVID-19 patient will see in person, the nurse said, adding that techs and other support don’t go inpatient rooms and physicians only enter in emergencies. Nurses visit COVID-19 patients three times a day, unless there is an emergency, to lower exposure risk.

The nurse also said the hospital has COVID-19 patients doubling up in rooms. COVID-19 patients may share space under an agreement involving their physician and infection prevention teams, according to Ms. Brodeur.

The stress of working with COVID-19 patients, along with the daily fear that workers could leave with the virus, continues to weigh heavily on healthcare workers, the nurse said.

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The dedication of front liners for their patients is remarkable. However, sometimes, people forget that they are humans too. They too can feel burnout, stressed, and depressed, and sometimes, their job might involve when they feel down the most. They sometimes may fail to do a follow-up charting to a patient or fail to monitor a particular patient in the required time due to stress and burnout, especially after long hours of a shift.


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