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There are times when mistakes at work could be inevitable, which is why a nurse attorney can assure full assistance over such errors. Misappropriation of medication is just one of the common mistakes an RN or an LVN commits. Disciplinary actions could have been thought about by the Texas Board of Nursing if this particular RN from Bryan, Texas hired a nurse attorney over her case.

On or about 2013 through 201 5, while licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas, the RN performed therapeutic phlebotomies on her family member in her home, which was an unsafe environment, without the presence of a physician’s order. The RN’s conduct placed her family member at risk of ineffective treatment.

In response to the incident, the RN states that there was a period of time that her family was under the treatment of a physician for a health condition requiring therapeutic phlebotomy. The RN states that he would et lab work through his Primary Care Physician and then follow up for the phlebotomy. The RN states that the family member asked her if this was something that she could do at home. The RN states that she can only recall two separate occasions where this occurred but has no recollection of the dates. The RN states that her family member was not forced by her to do this against his will and that it was his persistence that finally convinced her to do it. The RN states that she made these choices under immense psychological and emotional strain.

The Texas Board of Nursing has jurisdiction over all cases that may affect the license and career of an RN or LVN. Therefore, based on the findings of the Board, the RN received disciplinary action to ensure further safety and accurate documentation as she works in the future. She should hire a nurse attorney for instances such as this.

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